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Application and Information


The Application Packet contains detailed instructions on how to complete the application, important deadlines, and instructions for submission.

Information Packet Graphic - 2022.png

Information Packet

The Information Packet contains information on the HJSF itself, instructions on how to promote the scholarship at your school, and a letter to present to your school's principal to seek his or her permission.

2021 Letter to JTEs and Principals.jpg

Introduction Letter

This letter introduces HJSF to principals and teachers. It is written in both English and Japanese. Please show them to your school's officials before talking to students about the scholarship.

Promotional Materials

Information Poster

This poster provides information in Japanese about the scholarship. Please get permission from your school’s officials before displaying them or handing them out to students.

Posters - Green - Purple - Red - A4 Size

HJSF- Stackposters-3-stack.png

HJSF Presentation

This is a simple PowerPoint presentation that you can download and use to give your students and school staff a simple overview of the details of the scholarship fund.   

The application is due November 25, 2022
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