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Support the Hiroshima JET Scholarship Fund


Help us meet our goal!

Goal: ¥ 350,000 
Raised: ¥ 227,000
*As of Septermber 2023

In Person:

You may donate directly to the scholarship by giving money to a Committee Member.

To donate, please contact a committee member to arrange a meet-up time. 

Click on the button below to find a committee member in your area.

We ask that donations be in an envelope and that your name and amount enclosed be written on the front.

Whatever your reason for donating, and however you choose to donate,

we are very grateful for your support!

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JETAA (US) logo.png

The HJSF Committee would like to thank JETAA (US) for its continued support by selecting us for funds through their Micro-grant Initiative for Current American JETs.

2017 - Micro-grant funds allocated - $500
2021 - Micro-grant funds allocated - $1000

2022 - Micro-grant funds allocated - $1000
2023 - Micro-grant funds allocated - $1000

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