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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who is eligible to apply?

A. Eligible student must be

  • At a public school where a JET Programme ALT is present

  • In 2nd or 3rd year Junior High School, or in 1st or 2nd year Senior High School

  • Enthusiastic about English and learning about other cultures

Q. Can I apply if I have studied abroad in the past?

A. Yes. The scholarship is not exclusive to students who have never studied abroad before.

Q. Can I apply if my study abroad program takes place before scholarship winners are announced?

A. Yes. If a winner is announced during their study abroad program we ask that the winner attends a follow-up interview once they have returned to Japan. Award money can still be received to retroactively cover study abroad expenses. The winner must provide banking information for an electronic transfer of award money.

Q. Can I apply if my study abroad program is in a non-English speaking country?

A. Yes, as long as your study abroad program is conducted in English.

Q. Can I apply if my study abroad program is a school-required program?

A. Yes. The purpose of the scholarship is to offer financial assistance to students who would like to study abroad, but find that money is a barrier to that. We ask that scholarship applicants apply if they are financially in need.

Q. I want to study abroad, but I haven’t chosen a program. Can I still apply?

A.  Yes, however, we recommend that the student decides on one or two study abroad programs while they are going through the application process. There is a list of recommended programs within the application form as well.


Q. Can my English teacher or ALT help me write my application?

A. Your English teacher and ALT can only help you with correcting grammar, spelling, and editing. The student must write the content of their application by themselves. We strongly discourage the use of electronic translators while writing your application.

Q. Can I ask my juku teacher or tutor to complete the Student Evaluation form?

A. No. You must ask a Japanese Teacher of English (JTE) in your school to complete the Student Evaluation form.


Q. Do all applicants have to do an interview?

A. Depending on the amount of applications that are received and the quality of each application, students selected for the interview process will be notified in November 2023.

Q. Is the interview conducted in English or Japanese?

A. The interviews are conducted in English, but we will have a Japanese speaker present to help when interpretation is needed.


Q. How much does the Scholarship provide?

A. The winner will receive ¥250,000 (25万円)  to be used for a study abroad program of their choice. 

Q. How can the scholarship money be spent?

A The scholarship money must be used in ways to fund your study abroad program such as: program fees, flight tickets, accommodations, etc. 

  • During the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 application periods, smaller scholarship prizes were awarded for expanding winners’ English learning. However, in 2023 the scholarship returned to its original goal of providing financial support for study abroad purposes.

Q. Do I have to repay the scholarship money after my study abroad?

A. No. If you receive the prize money, you will not have to repay HJSF. 

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