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Study Abroad



Name: Risa

Age: 15

Study Abroad Program

Length of trip:  10 days in London, UK

What was your favorite food? 

I like tea and cupcakes. I have never eaten cupcakes. My host mother made it for me. She made a tea every morning and evening. Both tea and cupcakes are delicious. 

What did you enjoy the most? 

I enjoyed school life the most. My classmates were very kind. I was happy to talk about Japan and London with them. I could also play basketball with them!

I do not know difficult English so I used easy English. 

I tried to not be shy. To make friends, I talked to many people. I talked using gestures and drawings. 

I did my best so my friends could understand.


The HJSF asked the scholarship winners a few questions after they returned from their study abroad trip.

Below are the photos and responses from their experience.

Student's Study Abroad Experience

2019 HJSF Winner.jpg




UK Leading Local School Experience Program


What did you learn?

I learned the world is big! I learned many differences between London and Japan. I learned about new customs, food, and school life. 

I was able to know new things I would not know unless I left Japan

How did you feel talking in English?

HJSF - Risa (London)5.JPG




Would you recommend studying abroad to other students?


Yes, of course!! 


I had many experiences thanks to studying abroad. After studying abroad, I thought English is very important. If I can speak English, I can have a fun life.

I want other students to study abroad. 

HJSF - Risa (London)4.jpg



What advice would you give other students that want to study abroad? 

First, always smile. Because it is easy to make friends in a friendly atmosphere. Second, be positive. 


Because if you try hard you and other people will feel happy.

After doing this I could enjoy myself. 

HJSF - Risa (London)1.jpg
HJSF - Risa (London)3.jpg
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