Starting a Scholarship in Your Prefecture

Assemble a Committee

Find a few like-minded people to get started.

Discuss with your committee which positions are needed for your scholarship organization.

Below are our current committee positions with a brief description of each.

Executive Director - Automatically fulfilled by the ALT Prefectural Advisor

                                   Liaises with Boards of Education when necessary

Chairperson - Committee management, scheduling, & public speaking


Treasurer - Keeps financial records, bank account, & applies for grants


Secretary - Takes meeting minutes and sends email task reminders


Director of Communications - Sends emails, Japanese <-> English communication


Director of Social Media - In charge of SNS posts, GoFundMe, TransferWise


Director of Fundraising (+2 Fundraising Officers) - Coordinator for fundraising events 


Chief Technology Officer - Website maintenance, application updates, &  digital document management

Where are you at?

Get a dedicated email address for your scholarship organization.

If getting social media accounts, try getting them at the same time to keep the names consistent.  

Consider making a website. Even a simple, one-page website can help spread information and help your scholarship grow.



Make it Official

Create a Bank Account in the scholarship's name. 

Think about adopting a set of informal bylaws.

Please contact us if you wish to see the bylaws we use.


Prepare Information & Application Documents

This can be a daunting task, so if you would like to use our documents as a template,

please CONTACT US.

 Host  all your important documents for committee members in one place online.

Whichever platform you use, be mindful about privacy and file permissions.


Raise Money

Ask for donations and host special events​.

Our events have included: Flea markets, raffles, pub quizzes, Hanami parties, Holiday/themed parties, city walks, bake sales, and many more. 

Think about setting up a fundraising site.

Be creative and make it fun.

Remember, no amount of money or event is too small



Spread the Word!

Advertise to students, teachers, and anyone that will listen!

Ask to give a presentation at orientation and other ALT conferences. 


A final word  of advice . . . 

Tips for Success

Stay Organized and Be Professional 

Start small but think big!

Be Transparent About Scholarship Activities

Communicate Regularly

Delegate Responsibilities and Work 

Have Clear and Attainable Goals

Ask for Help