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Congratulations to HJSF Scholarship recipients!


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Risa will be going to England.

Congratulations to 

Risa Kishimoto,

the 2019 recipient of the HJSF Scholarship!


Risa is a 9th grade student from Baien Junior High School in Fukuyama. In the future, she aspires to work with JICA to support the growth of developing countries and considers speaking English an important tool for international outreach.


She will be participating in the Ark International Exchange Center's "Spring Vacation Local School Experience Study Abroad Program" trip to London, England.

We are excited for her to experience England and wish her all the best in achieving her future goals!

Interested to know more?

Click the button to read about the winners' trip abroad.


Kotoe is excited to go to St. Petersburg, Florida (USA)

Congratulations to 

Kotoe Ueno,

the 2018 recipient of the HJSF Scholarship!


将来ことえさんは宇宙開発の仕事をする事が夢で、そのために英語力を向上させたいと思っています。フロリダ州のセントピーターズバーグで行われる ECC海外留学センターLET'S中高生プログラムに参加します。彼女が将来夢を叶える事、そして、フロリダ州での学習を楽しむ事を期待しています。


Kosei celebrating with his ALT, Tara Yamashiro. 

Congratulations to Kosei Okamoto,

the 2017 recipient of the HJSF Scholarship!

Kosei is a 9th grader at Osakikamijima Junior High School. He will be using the scholarship to travel to Australia with his selected program:

平成29年広島高等学校 海外


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