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Congratulations to HJSF Scholarship recipients!

The Pandemic Plan Continued

The pandemic plan continued again for the 2022-2023 applicants. Instead of competing for a single grand prize we offered multiple smaller ones so that students who were motiviated to learn English on their own would participate. We had our largest turn out this year with over 20 students! The competition was fierce and we had two students tie for the first place prize!


The 2022 Pandemic Plan Winners!

1st Place

Shana Ivy A.


Congratulations to Shana!

She received 50,000 yen for her first place finish! 

1st Place

Ken K.


Congratulations to Ken! He also won 50,000 yen for tying for first place!

2nd Place

Lorein B.


Congratulations to our runner up Lorein! She won 30,000 yen for second place!

3rd Place

Sango M.


And Congratulations to our third place finisher Sango! He won 20,000 yen for his placement!


The Pandemic Plan

Japan Country PNG_edited_edited.png

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students could not travel internationally, so in order to encourage students to continue their English studies, we adapted our scholarship to the Pandemic Plan

We offered students a chance to win one of three smaller scholarship prizes to help them further their studies at home.

The Prizes:

1st place: 50,000円  |  2nd place: 30,000  |  3rd place: 20,000

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 3.28.45 PM.png

2021 Pandemic Plan Winners!

Ann K - Virutal.png

1st Place

Ann K.

Ann Cert 6 (edited).jpg
2 - Koyomi Virtual.png

2nd Place

Koyomi S.

Koyomi S.jpg
3 - Momona 2 Virtual.png

3rd Place

Momona U.

3rd Momona Uchitomi 2022 (Blured name tag).jpg
2020 Winner.jpg


UK PNG.png

Congratulations to 

Mizuki Yashio,

the 2020 recipient of the HJSF Scholarship!


Mizuki was an 8th grader from Miyahara High School in Kure. She is now a university student and is continuing to study English. She wishes to study abroad in the U.K. once the pandemic is under control.

We are proud of her and hope she can further her studies soon!


Interested to know more?

Click the button to read about the winners' trip abroad.

2019 HJSF Winner.jpg
UK PNG.png


Risa will be going to England.

Congratulations to 

Risa Kishimoto,

the 2019 recipient of the HJSF Scholarship!


Risa is a 9th grade student from Baien Junior High School in Fukuyama. In the future, she aspires to work with JICA to support the growth of developing countries and considers speaking English an important tool for international outreach.


She will be participating in the Ark International Exchange Center's "Spring Vacation Local School Experience Study Abroad Program" trip to London, England.

We are excited for her to experience England and wish her all the best in achieving her future goals!


Kotoe is excited to go to St. Petersburg, Florida (USA)

Congratulations to 

Kotoe Ueno,

the 2018 recipient of the HJSF Scholarship!

Kotoe dreams of working in space exploration and wants to improve her English as part of this dream.

She will participate in the ECC International Exchange Center LET’S program’s study trip to St. Petersburg, Florida.


We wish her the best of luck in the future and hope she enjoys her time in Florida!


Kosei celebrating with his ALT, Tara Yamashiro. 

Congratulations to Kosei Okamoto,

the 2017 recipient of the HJSF Scholarship!

Kosei is a 9th grader at Osakikamijima Junior High School. He will be using the scholarship to travel to Australia with his selected program:

平成29年広島高等学校 海外


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